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Covering Cellulitis

Discussion of Cellulitis, Telehealth & Wound Care, Malpractice Concerns, Plus Case Studies

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Show Agenda

  • Industry News - Ernie de los Santos
    ...going over a few of the most important news articles we've seen this past week...
  • This Week's Topic:  Cellulitis - Dr. Deepak Pahuja
    • Definitions
    • Pathophysiology
    • Incidence & Infection Algorithm
    • Complications
    • Risk Factors
    • Documentation
    • Fever, Infection, Shock
    • ICD-10 and MS-DRGs
    • Terminology
    • Continued Stay?
    • Progress Notes
    • Screening Guidelines
    • Case Study
  • Telehealth & Wound Care/Post-DSCH Cellulitis Mgmt - Dr. Himanshu Bhatia
  • Diagnosis Related Malpractice Concerns - Dr. Chadha
  • Takeaways:  Maria`s "Top 4 Points" - Dr. Maria Johar
  • Q&A / Discussion - All

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