EPAS: Learn to Leverage Data to Enhance Physician Advisor Performance

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physician online | epas | physician advisor education

Learn to Leverage Data to Enhance
Physician Advisor Performance

Discussion of Results YOU Can Obtain from USING
Both CMI and CDI to Improve the Bottom Line

No Frills, No Fluff
Case Discussions on
Disease Specific Topics
BY Physician Advisors
Every Week

Show Agenda

  • Industry News - Ernie de los Santos
    ...going over a few of the most important news articles we've seen this past week...
  • This Week's Topic:  How Physician Advisors Find Actionable Insights - Dr. James Haering
    • A Physician Advisor’s Wish List
    • A Physician Advisor’s Goals
    • Impacts of CDI & CMI
    • CDI & the Physician Advisor
    • Beyond the Traditional Approach
  • Case Studies:
    • Where to Focus CDI Efforts
    • PEPPER – If you can
    • Physician Engagement
    • Non-Physician Engagement
    • The Fog of a CMI Focus
    • Reducing IP Stay Denials
    • Bundles: What to Audit & Why
  • Open Discussion – Panel
  • Top Take-aways – Dr. Maria Johar

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Click to Show: How to Get Audio for Join.me Meetings +

How do I get the audio?

You can join the audio part of any meeting by internet (VoIP) or mobile app.

You can also join by phone.

Call via internet

join.me allows you to call into an audio conference from your computer using free Voice over IP (VoIP) technology.

  1. Click the telephone.
  2. Under Call via by internet, click connect.Tip: If you are a participant, you may be prompted to download the join.me app to your Mac or PC before you can connect via internet.

Internet calling tips:

  • It's best to use a headset when joining via the internet – headsets pick up less background noise and help prevent echo and feedback.
  • You may want to turn off music, videos, small children, and other stuff that could interfere with your call.

Call by phone

Each show also makes a conference line available. Use it for your audio or not. It's your choice. The join.me conference telephone line is not a toll-free number.

The conference number and conference ID are available on the telephone tab for both the organizer and participants:

  1. During a meeting, click the telephone.
  2. Click Call by phone.
  3. Dial the number and then the conference ID when prompted.

Conference ID:   795-758-458#  - this is the same for our show every week.

Here are some of the numbers to join the conference by phone:

United States - Atlanta, GA    1.404.801.3225

United States - Detroit, MI    1.734.746.0035

United States - Los Angeles, CA

United States - San Francisco, CA    1.415.655.0381

Other international numbers available

Click to Show: How to Use the Meeting Room Controls +

How to Use the Meeting Room Controls

conference accessTip: If you cannot seem to connect via internet, you can always use the phone... it's all the same audio. ALSO: If you wish to SPEAK to the presenters, we'd PREFER that you be on the phone -- less troublesome audio there.   Tell us you'd like to speak, in chat, and we will enable you to unmute your line and begin speaking.

chatTip:    BE AWARE --  it is very easy to forget to send to just one person and accidentally send a chat to ALL!  Be careful what you type!


participantsTip:   You might want to change your name when you enter the meeting... remember, EVERYONE can see your name...  I recommend first names only... but it's up to you!

moreTip:   If you are asking a question or you are presenting, then you can get this kind of control. Just remember, the hosts/moderators are the ones that grant such control.


We will be LIVE on January 18 2018


To Join - Click Here Thursday @1pm ET


Or - to Join via your Browser, JOIN meeting "EmpowerPA" at http://join.me

For Audio:   Dial

Conference ID: 795-758-458


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