EPAS Scheduling and Compensation Models

physician online | epas | physician advisor education

physician online | epas | physician advisor education

Learn from Hospitalist Scheduling
& Compensation Models

Discussion of Scheduling & Compensation Models
for Hospitalists vs. Physician Advisors

No Frills, No Fluff
Case Discussions on
Disease Specific Topics
BY Physician Advisors
Every Week

Show Agenda

Scheduling for Hospitalists – Dr. Palabindala

Existing Models (4)
History & Results
Pros and Cons
How to Make it Work for You
Case Study: @ Johns Hopkins

Compensation Plans:

Existing Models (7)
Quality Measures
Performance Measures

Performance Metrics:

Discharge/Adv Care Planning
Complete Med Rec on Admit
Coding Compliance
Average LOS
Patient Flow, Care Transition

Open Discussion – Panel

Top Take-aways – Dr. Maria Johar

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